Dj Set (New Caledonia, Australia)

Since early ( pre-school ), Hugo took piano lessons but after few years he needed to move on , more rhythmic , more energetic .... He continued with drum at 13 .
He regularly plays in several groups of Punk -Rock / Metal!!

From 2009 he participates regularly to Psy events in New - Caledonia, he loves the energy , cohesion, love, that emerges from these vibrations.. He regularly listened this music and decided to buy DJ equipments. Attracted first by Fullon-Night, he quickly discovers his way, more Psytrance, NightPsy-Groovy, Dark-Forest and even Hi -Tek in his full power time !

Since 2015, he's one of the founders of the association "Soundblasting Nc ". The crew aims at creating psy-events in Caledonia and promote the artists in Nc and on the internationnal .

With his energic and intense sets , "Praline" knew to find his place within the NC Psytrance stage and perhaps worldwide through SquareLab Music and Quadrivium Records.

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