Live Act (Athens, Greece)

Minas Alefragkis is the mutant behind the PoEt project from Athens, Greece. He started listening to psychedelic trance music in 1998. A year after, in 1999, he started djing with his DAT players in several private open air parties and festivals around Greece. After years of listening to the mutant music, and have gotten a lot of inspiration from well known international projects of the scene, he started making his own tracks in 2014 and has already a few releases on Sangoma records and Digital Drugs Coalition. PoEt has made some collaboration tracks with some well known artists of the scene, such as Nektar (Martian Arts side project), Ingrained Instincts, Peyotes, Kri Samadhi and more.. He is one of the first SquareLab Music members where he also released his first EP called R2D2. You can expect many new music to come. Lets Blast!

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