Djane Turiya

Dj Set (Romania)

Raluca was born in a small village near Tecuci, Romania. As a child she had a deep attraction to sounds and music; she tried to widen her perspective and try to understand,experiment and express her feelings by playing different genres through years.
When she first heard about psychedelic festivals ,fell in love with the idea and also with the music. She always cherished nature, as
it was a part of her. She also tried to find music in it. This was a good reason for her to be attracted to outdoor festivals that respect nature and music.
She went psychedelic in 2011 and got sucked into the black hole of twisted sounds. Like most do, she started with psy trance, experienced playing dark psy ans hitech but forest psy was her true love.
She performed few times in local gatherings and parties and she is also involved in a psychedelic decoration project called "Yara Kalou Decorations" with whom she participates at various parties and festivals.
"For me,music is meditation! I am music!"

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