Live Act (Marseille, France)

Since my childhood, I have always been passionated about music. In 2005 i started mixing electro minimal on turntables (vinyle). Two years later I discovered the Rave party. For me, It has been a real inspiration, and I created my first live on electribe. Quickly, I have been invited to play with Gribal tribe sound6tem and in many parties like Teknobumper2 with many good artists such as bordelik, piratak, klg … It was only in 2009 that I discovered Trance and Psy trance. It was at this time that I created Astrogen project. I started with Full on, then I upgraded to Psy, until pushing emx to it’s maximum skills. After three years in the Trance’s World, I met my three partners: Simon, Jackson and Sparow. We created an association named Freaky Carnival, and organized many outdoor events. During a long time I kept on mixing with my electribe and I made new sounds. Soon, I was invited to indoor and outdoor parties such as ExistranZ and Shagmatik organised by Cortical system crew, Freemind organised by Merry Pranksters, The Wonderfull Bubble by Titep family, Psychedelice 3 organised by Transubtil … Since 2015 I composed on ableton8. Since i released my first EP “SPACE PIRACY” on the Label “Psynetwork” and my second EP "Irrational World" on "Morphonic rec" ! More to come ! Astrogen join SquareLab music in 2017 and be ready for some releases from him.

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